Should I Start Running

It is interesting that this question popped up in your head. If you ask yourself should I start running this means that something triggered your desire to go outside and run.

Running is amazing. It has many benefits for your life and makes you so much better as a human in general.

Why Should I Start Running

Usually, people start thinking about running when they feel or need to do a change in their lives. Something happened and they feel that running might be a solution to their problem.

In general, in life, people find solutions to their problems. This means that they do not think about the future too much. They live in the present (which is extraordinary, you can check more about living in the present and not in past or future in OSHO’s sayings – a spiritualist man) and they regret when things are hard to repair.

As an example, the dumpee starts loving the dumper so much more after they break up. Maybe you broke up and now you are trying to find solutions to this problem and you thought running can be the one. I can say that running can help you a lot with your relaxations sessions.

In fact, I started to run as a desire to have a stronger body. I didn’t go to the gym but I thought that running can improve my body looks. It did, but not as a gym. But running gave something else. It gave me stamina, resistance, a body which is always prepared to run for long distances, self-confidence, self-esteem, nice looking legs and so on.

Running Can Help You To Lose Fat

The good thing is that running is saving you cash. You do not need any special equipment or any gym subscription. You just tie your shoes, go out and start running.

Maybe you were at a party and someone told you, maybe as a joke, that you are a little bit fat you need to lose fat. You thought that running is a solution.

First of all, I would like to say that you should never be affected about what anybody else thinks about you. Do NOT create your life around what other people are saying about what you think or look.

I’ve been there. I thought that what people are thinking about me is important to me and I should not do things if they think are not worthy although I did believe in those things.

A lot of people are coming here because they want to lose weight, to have a six pack and to have a Hercules type body. There is nothing wrong in that but I want to tell you that if you wanna lose fat you need more than running.

Losing fat is hard. I experienced this myself. Only running in general, even if it is regularly, won’t do so much. You need proper nutrition, exercise, rest. In that order. Nutrition is the most important element in every sport. Keep that in mind.

Better Go Running And Stop Fearing About Your Knees When Running

An interesting question about fat people and running is if that being fat and running can cause knee injuries.

The question does not have a clear answer. The answer can involve your common sense. Being heavier will put pressure on your knee. Being heavier does not mean that your knee is stronger, you can view your knee as a bone, not as a muscle.

So, running while being heavier can cause damage to your knee. But, running can make to you to lose fat. So, what are you going to do? Well, you can keep in mind that running while you are fat CAN not WILL cause you damage to your knee.

Finally, you can avoid the injuries by having a proper warm up, doing leg press and squats can also help.

But if you are fat, I recommend you to start slowly with your running routine. You can check more about How To Get Into Running here so you can see what to do when you want to get into running.

Running can help you with your weight issues so try it. One more thing, do not give up on running because you are being ashamed of you to go outside.

I never laughed of a fat person that is running. I always appreciated the effort they put in. It is not easy for a fat person to go for a run. They sweat and they tire faster because they are heavier. But because they continue, that is for a thumbs up from me.

Running Can Improve Your Heart Condition

Also, running can improve your heart condition. A study published in JACC Journals confirmed that in a 15 years study research on runners :

Compared with nonrunners, runners had 30% and 45% lower adjusted risks of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality[…]. You can check the entire study research on JACC Journals.

I read on multiple sites and the interpretation of this sentence is that the runners live longer. I finished law school so interpretation of a text for me is a habit.

What this sentence is saying is that runners have a 30% to 45% lower risk to have cardiovascular mortality. But risk, by itself, means randomness, meaning that you can die from a cardiovascular disease even if you are a pro runner at the Olympics.

But you can take into consideration that your heart will have better times if you run instead of sitting in front of your laptop.

Running Improves Your Overall Immune System

When I stop running for a period of time and I do not eat properly, I found out that I get sick more often.

When I’m running and I eat properly and sleep properly I find myself as being healthier and I rarely get sick. Last year I had a roommate that got the flu and even I was nearby him every day I didn’t catch it.

It was because my immune system was really strong. I’m not saying that running is the main reason, but running – doing sports in general – and a proper nutrition can make you a stronger person and you won’t spend money on pills.

Running Can Make You New Friends

Also, maybe you thought that running is a nice way to connect with new people.

This is true and Running can be lots of fun with new people. I highly encourage you to read How To Start A Running Group. I explained there how to start it and what to do in a group of running if you do not have ideas.

You can find a lot of people running on the streets and they have incredible stories. I recently met a couple, they were married and they got to know each other running on the streets. Isn’t that amazing to find your soulmate which has the same passion as you ? Especially in running.

Running Can Be Stress Relieving

For me running is relaxing. In the article I mentioned above I stated that running can be a way to escape your day to day problems.

You can use running as a tool to think about things and take better decisions. As a general rule, in life, it is not good to take decisions under any emotions. Go for a run and after that take the decision.

While running you can see all the details of the problem. I do this exercise in a shower too. After you finish your running session, let the water hit your skin in the shower and stay there, doing nothing, for 5 minutes. Think. It can be amazing. Try it!

Legs Will Look So Much Sexier

Legs will look so much better. If you are a woman, believe me when I’m saying that your legs will look differently. I can instantly spot a woman who runs. Women will radically improve their calves and thighs (yeah, women will get faster and more visible results than men).

Mountain Trips Will Not Be A Problem Anymore

If you are planning to go for a mountain trip, do not fear from now on. You will be king of the hill because you are a runner. You will have the stamina to walk/run uphill and all of your friends will be impressed by your skills.

Also, this will solve some problems with your knees because they will become more flexible and better. Also, take in consideration that running uphill is somewhat similar to your squats.

So this way you can grow muscles and develop more your calves and thighs.


As a conclusion, I believe that you got the answer for your Should I Start Running question. If you do not believe any of this, at least try and see how it goes. You do not have anything to lose, except a few minutes for a couple of days if you are up to that.

Running can be a solution to many of your problems. Being stress release can make you a happier person and you might not realize this. So get into running. Start knowing your neighborhood better and find places that you have never visited.




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