Running Goals For Beginners

Not only in running but also in life, you need to have goals. Running goals for beginners are so important because they will keep you running and not quitting after the first week.

What Do You Mean By Goal?

I often use the term “goal” with the meaning of aim or purpose. I expressed the idea of how important is a goal for you in many articles you can read on this blog.

A goal is something that keeps you moving. If you do not have a purpose you are just full of randomness and nothing seems interesting to you.

You need to set a goal towards you can run – even in running.

I am pretty sure that you, my dear reader, have some goals that you’ve already defined. If you are a student maybe you said that your goals are to finish your studies. Well, now imagine that you do not have a goal.

What would be the point to finish your studies? Everything is pointless without a purpose. Even if you want to just have fun means that you have a goal – to have fun.

What Goals You Should Set. Running Goals For Beginners

When you start running, the high enthusiasm that you have will make you want to run 5 km in one week. Well…it might be possible if you are in shape but for the most people, this could be a huge blast.

If used to walk or to just lay in bed/chair all day, then putting your body to run for 5 km in his first week of doing this, might be overwhelming.

So you need to start with some realistic goals. 2.5 km for the first week would be something manageable.

If you choose a goal that is hard to touch from your side this will get you frustrated and may make you quit. I’m saying “may” because frustration for some people can be a good motivation.

It Is Not Only About Distance

You can also set goals that are not aiming for distance but rather for time. You can choose to run for 30 minutes and then you are done. If you achieve your purpose then that is a good day and you achieved a victory against your body and mind.

The time period is at your choice. But you should choose first something that you can achieve. As I said you do not want to be frustrated if you have a really hard objective. 30 minutes, at a decent pace, should be fine for everyone if you are in shape a little bit.

If you are a little bit fat and you did not do any kinds of sports before, you can start with 15 minutes. 15 minutes of running should be really good to get you into running. After this, you can increase your time by 5 minutes until you reach your desired time.

Long-Term Goals

Your goals can be in short term or long term. Short-term goals can be all of those above which we talked earlier. Running for 20 minutes for 30 minutes or 2.5 km. Those are good for your fast progress and inner peace because are fairly easy to obtain and it will give you confidence.

Long-term goals are goals which are harder to achieve and you need to work for them.

A long-term goal is to run in a semi-marathon race or even a marathon race. Those are exhausting races and you need to prepare ahead for those – like 6 months before the event. A marathon race has 42 km or 26 miles. If you wonder why those numbers, well it is about history.

A Greek soldier named Pheidippides ran this distance, from the Battle of the Marathon to Athene in Greece to report the victory. This distance is also used in Olympics but races of this type is all around the world. You can find on Google “Marathon in X” X – meaning your city where a place where you would like to run.

Marathon or Semi-Marathon (which is half the distance) is through the race. You need to prepare for this to understand that is pretty hard. A lot of people start but fewer finish the race. In the beginning, everyone is running pretty fast to keep up being in the first line but in the long run, they cannot sustain this kind of effort.

So a nice goal for you would be to start training for your first marathon. You should consider in the beginning to train your stamina, your lungs capacity, your breeding style and to set your right mental state.

If you find those as being too much for you try the cross race which typically is about 10 km. You can progress slow, start with a cross, a semi-marathon and finally the marathon.

Also, keep as a goal Sprinting. Contrary to the marathon, you do not aim for distance and stamina but rather for speed. You can try a 50 m or 100 m race to see your time. Then start training for improving this time.

I would say that improving time at sprints is harder than improving your stamina. You need muscle growth and proper technique. A lot of speed is gained in the start of the race by pulling hard into your legs (check on google how sprinters have their starting position) and keep building up till the middle of the distance.

Till Exhaustion

This can be a goal too. It is a little bit harsh and maybe sometimes it will not be constant, but you can try it if you want. Basically, you run every time until you cannot move anymore.

I would suggest being cautious about this kind of running because it will involve a lot of pain at the end and a lot of more after the running session. You should set this goal only a few times in a period of time because it will be very…exhausting.

But it will test your limits. Personally, I believe that you can test better if you set up a goal and try to achieve. If you run with the purpose “till I cannot do it anymore” your mind will tell you very soon “I can’t do it anymore, let’s stop”, and that’s it. But you could run for a little bit more, but without a precise purpose, you will stop.

Also, you should keep in mind that if you start doing running in a serious way, as participating in marathons, you’ll need special equipment. You really need a pair of running shoes, you can check a lot of products for running on the products page.

Running In Circles Can Be Boring – Get A New Routine

I used to run a lot at my local stadium. I still do. But for some reason, even if there are a lot of people, it just gets boring to run in a circle for many laps. You just see the same images over and over again which can make you stop.

It happened a lot of times when I wanted to stop just because I was sick of seeing so many repetitive images. There are a lot of peoples who are sitting down on stadium chairs and seeing them in the same position while I’m running it would get me frustrated.

This is why I like to run through the neighborhood. The images are dynamic, everything is moving with you – people, cars, buses, new buildings and so on. Nothing is the same even if you run on the same route. Something is always different.

This is why I suggest you run in the neighborhood also. But at the beginning of your running, I would recommend to go to the stadium or somewhere people are running. Why? Because it will motivate you to keep going.

As I said in previous articles it is about context. If you are seeing people running then you are in the context of running. If you are seeing people on their smartphones then you are going to do the same thing because your mind suggests it.


We cannot live a happy life without purposes. Everything would seem boring, random, nothing would make us happy. So I suggest you to set some goals. If you set your goals, in the end, you will  have the opportunity to jump in the air and say “I made it!”

So, if your first weeks of running are a little bit as a test, if you ran for more than a month than starting setting up goals. Choose something and work till you finally make it.



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