How To Start Running On A Treadmill

Running on a treadmill is quite convenient if you also have a gym subscription and your workout. Instead of doing two sessions of workout (bodybuilding or whatever you do in the gym) you do a single one and you integrate running in it. This may come handy and the article points out the good and the bad in running on a treadmill.

What is a Treadmill

The treadmill is a fitness equipment which can help you to run in your gym club. You do not need to go outside anymore, you just start the machine and you start running.

The machine had a different purpose when it was invented (1st century AD) – it was used to manipulate things especially those ones that were really heavy. Also, later on, was used to grind grain. But in the present, this used as a fitness machine so you can run on it.

You will set the pace at which you want to run so you cannot start sprinting suddenly as running outside. But you can gradually change the speed until you find the right pace for you so this should not be a problem.

Running On A Treadmill Instead of Running Outside

Personally, I would prefer to run outside. There are a lot of reasons for that. I will summarize and I will tell you that I like dynamic images, cars/buses/people moving and so on. On a treadmill, you are running while…staying in a place. But, there are several advantages in running on a treadmill:

Winter is coming

When is cold outside you can go running on a treadmill. If you have a bad immune system and you catch the flu easily, then go to gym club and start running. Also, if you pay a subscription at a gym then you can use all their equipment.

In a gym club, the heat is constant, you won’t be cold and also you can shower after your workout. You have a nice warm bath and you can dry your hair after. So basically after you run you can go wherever you want because you’re already good to go.

You Can Watch Whatever You Want

Most gym clubs have really nice treadmills with TV in front of you. I saw a lot of people running while watching the news or something else. I must admit that this is something very nice and quite pleasuring but I would get bored at some point.

As I said in previous articles, running outside it is so much enjoyable. But if you do not or you cannot do it outside, it is still better to run as you want than staying in the house and doing nothing.

No More Extra Gear

Because the advance of technology, now we have a lot of gear that is telling everything about us. How many miles we ran, at what speed, how many calories we burned and so on. Tons of details.

If you run on a treadmill, at least on a modern one, you will get all the information on the display of it. You won’t need anymore a smartwatch or your smartphone with some apps installed so you can get your details about your running session.

Maybe the only gear that you need is your headphones to plug them into your TV or treadmill if you can. But in the end, those are not mandatory but only if you want to listen to your own motivational music and not the gym music.

Consistent Pace

A lot of beginners in running are not able to keep a constant pace. They just seem not to find their balance. They run to fast and then they are forced into a break because they cannot keep up the rhythm.

While running on a treadmill you set up the speed and then you will go running. This will force you to be constant and to breed correctly so your lungs will get better and better.

A different terrain?

Yes. Even if you decide to run on a treadmill, there are some that can simulate running in different conditions. This is where the technology comes into helping.

Even outside is not the weather for running on a mountain, you can set up your treadmill to simulate uphills so it can be as realistic as it can.

You can also set to be a constant uphill run which is very nice and maybe it is harder to find in the real world.

Why Not To Use A Treadmill

Obvious, there are advantages and disadvantages in using a treadmill.

You Will Get Bored

It is monotonous running on the stadium and doing track laps. Imagine how monotonous can running on a treadmill become. If you are at a gym club maybe it will not come so fast and you will see it as an obligation for your workout.

But, if you own a treadmill and you run inside your house, and you have it in the same position, maybe staring into a wall…then for sure, you will get bored.

There is nothing you can do. Unfortunately, it is in our gene to get bored at some point. We get bored with our things and even life partners, so you just have to suck it up and continue running there.

Too Much Routine

If you run outside, you get to see things. Things that happen in your face. But running on a treadmill will cancel any of those things. No more dynamic images, no more meeting people, no more new places to see.

I posted an article of Starting A Running Routine but I never meant it for running on a treadmill. It is so much fun to run outside and see a bunch of new places or things from a different angle. I totally recommend to go and run outside.

But keep in mind that if this makes you running, better do it on a treadmill than not running at all.

This Is Not Natural

Running on a treadmill is not quite natural. Research showed that a natural runner will be better than a runner on the treadmill – testing on the same distance or time.

This is because running outside is different than a treadmill indoors. Take into consideration wind resistance that will make you tire faster. For example, in cycling, a group of teammates will be in front of the sprinter so he will not get as much into his face. After this, he will start cycling to the end because he will be rested.

Also, the balance would be a problem. If a runner uses only the treadmill, even the machine has some settings to simulate outside terrain, running in the real world is so much different. You need to avoid people or obstacles and this needs your focus and body balance.

Also keep in mind that running outside can be done on different types of surfaces, soft or harder.

How To Use A Treadmill

Well, it is pretty natural how to use it. Just start running on the long band that you see. For more information about how to use its function, you’ll have to be intuitive or to read the manual. I cannot write here how to use treadmill settings because there are so many models and come with different settings.

But I want to point a few things about running on a treadmill.

  1. Do not jump in at a high speed. Start gradually while you are already on the treadmill. Do not set the speed at 15 miles and try to jump on it. You will get hit by a truck. I’m joking but you will fall from it.
  2. Start gradually. A 2-3 mile per hour should be OK and then you can speed up as much as you can while you are running. It is important that you are already running so your feet can adapt to the new speed.
  3. To stop it, do the same process as starting but in reverse. Slowly reduce the speed until you jump off and stop the machine.


Running on a treadmill can help you a lot. If you prefer indoors activities and maybe you are a member of a gym club then this machine can become handy.

If you are an introvert who does not like to run while being annoyed by someone else, you can use a treadmill indoors. You will be just yourself and the treadmill. This can be satisfying and I would recommend it for this kind of people.

Treadmill is a great machine that can be a fast solution to your running problems. But keep in mind that there is no Olympics or competition about running on a treadmill. This is why this may not be as satisfying as running outside.

Although, if you can and you are not obligated to run on a treadmill, then go and run outside. I believe that running outside is so much better than running on a machine. It is more natural and you get so much fresh air into your lungs, also consider reading How To Get Into Running for more information about running in general.


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