How To Start A Running Group

If you wonder how to start a running group and if this is a good or bad thing here is the place where you will find the answer. Running groups can make a big difference in your running sessions having a lot of benefits.

I guess you already started to run alone and you kinda like it and now you think that running with a friend would be much better. You can check Starting a Running Routine to combine it with a Running Group.

Talking while running is great. While you run you can talk with a friend about anything you like which will make your running session be very enjoyable. But keep in mind that is different of running alone.

You can also start talking with someone, even if you do not know them if you are running at the same pace. If you find yourself running beside someone else and you believe that the situation is a little bit weird you can engage in a conversation.

To be polite you can ask that person if a conversation is something that he/she wants. Otherwise, you would force someone to talk to you which can lead to awkward moments.

Also, keep in mind that if you are a man and she is a woman they will totally believe that you want to go out for drinks. So be clear in your intentions to avoid any unwanted situations.

Why It Is Better To Run With A Group

If you find yourself as being a person with only a few friends, running groups can be amazing for you. There are a lot of people who are running and they like to share this experience with others.

Runners are, usually, social persons who like to make conversations about anything but especially about running, obviously. This can be relaxing and make you feel so much better if you had a bad day and this works for you.

You can also read on internet about introverts and extroverts (it is a classification made by Carl Jung – an introvert is a person who likes to be alone more and reading books while extroverts prefer others company to refresh their energy).

Depending on which side you are, then think about if you want to start a running group or maybe running alone would be better for you.

Running with a group can be motivational too. If you got people who are more experienced than you and they can run more, it will motivate you not to stay behind and keep up. This eventually will lead to progress and this is something really good.

Also, if you are the leader it will boost your confidence as being an alpha male/female and this attitude is great not only in running but also in life. Being a pack leader can make your running sessions quite amazing. But do not forget that any leader has an end to his reign so do not be disappointed when another runner will become #1.

In running groups, you can create leaderboards in which you can compete. You can choose different routes every time, start your watches and see who gets first to the destination. There are so many things that you can do.

You can choose that all participants will run on the same route or even better you can set a destination and anyone can run towards that all over the places. This might also mitigate parkour. For those who do not know about this sport, it is about speed and efficiency using only your body.

You can aim for who comes first, or who can make it under 20 minutes, play with teams in a relay race and so on. Be creative and make it fun. This is why you go and run in a group, to make it fun and a more pleasing experience.

Every running group should have a nice break after the run is over. This is actually the way you are going to make friends. Talking after the run is over about topics you like, how you felt during the run and plan the next running group session.

Also, you can plan other trips and holidays with your new teammates. You may be afraid now to do this, but trust me, you will get along with those people.

Running Groups Can Have A Downside…

When you run alone, you can think about anything or nothing and this can be very relaxing. But when you are running with a friend or more you will find that this could be annoying. You need to talk and socialize because this is the purpose of a running group. You cannot run together and not talking at all because it would be pointless.

Talking while running will get you to consume more oxygen, you will tire faster and you will be breathing quite heavily. This will eventually lead to a slower pace and might be stopping you from achieving your goal.

If it is the first time when you run with someone and a conversation is being started then be careful of your pace and how much you can actually talk. This will be an indicator of your pace, running too fast will get you puffing and not able to talk.

While running too slow you will be able to keep up a conversation but you will not burn any calories or improve your running stamina.

How To Start A Running Group

We talked about why this good and bad but how actually you are going to meet this person? Well, it will take a little bit of effort but it is worth it if you like to socialize.

Facebook can be your number one tool to gather people for a run. Go on Facebook and type in the search bar “Running” and switch the search type to “Groups”. This way you will see all the groups around you which have the dedicated purpose about running.

You can also check pages that are about running to see if there is an event that you would like to attend.

If you do not like what you find you can easily create your own group and

How to Start A Running Group on Facebook
How to Start A Running Group on Facebook

start inviting friends that you know. After this, you can expect people to join your group. It would be better if you invite a few friends even though they are not into running, just to make your number of people bigger so unknown people have a reason to join. Nobody would enter a group if there is one person.

After you made your group of running, as being a leader, you need to initiate the running sessions. You are the one who will establish routes, places to meet, time and days. May sound complicate but it is simple.

In the beginning phase, you may want to ask people when they are available while later on when you have many people you can decide when you go for a run and where (the advantages as being a leader of a group).

If you do not prefer Facebook, then you can use Twitter. You can create a group on Twitter too. Just go to your Profile Page, then Lists, Create New List, select if you want to have a private or public list and there you have it.

You can also check on Twitter for accounts that are about running and see what they are up to. Go to Search, type Running, then on filters select, Near You. This way you will get to see people who are around you and you can join.

ow to Start A Running Group on Instagram
How to Start A Running Group on Instagram

If you find yourself that Instagram is one of your favorites, then you can check pages on Instagram about running. Also, check places after you search on Instagram “Running”.

If you do not find something that you want you can create an account with the title Running in Los Angeles for example. Put a few pictures with you while running and a few nice places that would attract people.

You will be surprised how many people will actually join to get to your running sessions.

If you want to go for a run with people who know and you have their number, you can make a group on WhatsApp.

I really enjoy WhatsApp because it is nice how you can organize groups and also the chatting is encrypted being safe. In the same category, we can add Facebook Messenger but this is for your Facebook friends.

Finally, if you want to go for a running session and you do not know to do it, today you found out ideas and ways for how to create a running group. I highly encourage you to go for a running group and see if you like it or not. Nobody forces you to continue this if you do not like.

But I believe that you may find this experience pleasant. I would love if you will comment about this and how is it for you to do a running group.


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