From Walking To Running In 30 Days

A lot of my readers are having trouble to get into the running mode. A lot of them are walking and even more, are using cars and are sedentary. This post will describe what it takes to go from walking to running in 30 days.

From Walking To Running In 30 Days

If you are walking and you consider running then there are 2 good news. First is that you are walking.

Walking is a very good type of movement that helps your body to make an effort and to burn any excess calories. If you read most of the articles on this website that involve running, you will find out that a proper training program is to alternate walking with running.

Benefits of walking :

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Strengthens your muscles
  • So much better digestion
  • Helps your lungs capacity

The second good news is that you consider running. Basically, you consider making a progress. From walking to the next level which is running. This is fantastic! I am proud that one more person is considered to join this great sport – running.

Also, you can see how important is running if you multiply by at least 2 the benefits of walking.

Now you should define more of yourself. How much you walk in a day? If you never knew then you could consider using a mobile application.

There are tons of applications on IOS Market and Google Market providing this kind of information. Personally, I use (at this moment) Samsung Health which is nice. I do not need to activate mobile data or GPS and the phone still tracks my movement in feet.

You can have a lot of detailed data about you walking, dates, times, numbers, pace and so on. So, you should use one of these and see how much you walk in a day.

I usually walk for 7000 steps a day. But I had days in which I made like 24000 steps a day, but those are exceptions when I had to go to different places. But also keep in mind that those numbers are not exactly. They can contain errors.

You decided that you want to run more. I guess that you are a little bit confused about how to do it and for how long. I recommend first to read How To Get Into Running which will help you a lot to understand what involves starting running.

Now that you already read the article above I want to tell you that walking is still something that you will do. As I said in different articles in this blog, alternating walking with running can be a really good exercise.

You can use this type of movement to develop your stamina. Walk for 30 seconds and then run for 30 seconds on a moderate pace. You will find this exercise as being very oxygen demanding.

If you find yourself that you are puffing too hard, lower your pace. You are rushing in too fast, keep it on a lower speed.

Your last two weeks should be a cycle repeat. You can try to attempt to run more than you did in your first weeks. But do not try to double the distance or the time. You may get frustrated and you do not want that.

Also, keep in mind that this is about 30 days. So do not stop here, just keep going and you will get better and better. You just started this.

How Many Times To Run A Week

If you want to become a regular runner then you could consider for the first week to run 4 days a week.

In the beginning, your body will be put under a bigger stress than usual and pain will get to you.

You will have leg pain after running, pain under the ribs in the left or right side and you will feel that your lungs are not capable to keep up with your goals.

That is normal! I can assure you that everyone gets through that sweat and frustration. I did myself.

Running for 4 days (Monday Tuesday Friday and Saturday) in the beginning is enough. This will tell your body what are you going to do for this month.

Do not forget that resting is an important step to your evolution process. If you are not sleeping enough (8 hours is considered to be the best efficiency), if you are not eating properly, then you will get under a high amount of pain.

You will sit on your couch and you will feel a lot of pain into your legs and that will the end of your running hobby. I heard a lot of people complaining about this and eventually, they quit.

Who would like to be in pain every time if the purpose was to relax? Well, it gives you pain when you are not doing how you should do it.

After your first week, you can keep this schedule or you can put another day to be 5 days a week.

You can make your own schedule and that is better. Do something that feels right to you. Do not take all the tips that you can find on the internet. If you read some programs, they are so overwhelming that you want to quit even before you started.

You can try to run every day from Monday to Friday but run less. This way you compensate the periods of time that you used to rest in the first week.

You will find out that if you get this habit of running, your body will slowly start to adapt and you will never have pain after running. Instead, you will feel more refreshed and ready for a new day.

You can check this article about Starting A Running Routine in which you can see the benefits of running on a daily basis. Or better what it means to be a regular runner in a schedule you make yourself.

How To Train To Become A Runner

Repetition is the mother of skill. You need to practice a lot and after that, it becomes a habit.

You will see for yourself that you will make a way of living. You will prioritize running and you will have this in your mind. You will never skip it because your mind thought that this is what you do and this something good.

You can consider yourself a runner if you keep running on a regular basis for at least 66 days – you can check more about habits in U.S National Library of Medicine 

After this period of time you can easily say that – yes, I’m a runner!

For a more practical perspective, you should keep considering running in different routes and conditions.

For example, you can travel to a new neighborhood to run. Get to your bus station and go in the other end of your city and go for a run there.

Also, try running when it rains. You should consider this in the summer because it is an excellent motivational scenario. At least for me. I guess you saw a lot of movies when the main character is running / training in harsh conditions.

Also, try running when it is winter. But be aware of the possibility to get the flu so check a few articles about how to running in winter times.

Also, go for a run uphills. It is different than running on flat surfaces. It will be again high demanding oxygen type of running and you will tire faster. 5km uphill is not the same as 5km on stadium tracks. But go for that experience. That is how you progress!


If you are walking and you want to move to the next level, then running should be your choice. Walking has a lot of benefits but running has even more.

If you do not have any medical problems then running should be your choice. You can see a lot more things around you while running than walking. You can move faster, you will get a better stamina and you should enjoy this more than walking.

Also, running gives you more self-confidence and people will see you healthier while walking might make them think you are sick. You should not care about this but I’m just saying that running will get you to more attention than regular walking.

If you went from walking to running I wanna hear your opinion in the comments below. Have a nice running session!

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